Uber can save any day

This banner concept asks the user to unscramble a story that at first glance seems like
nonsense, or go back in time to when things were not so comfortable. Funny and chaotic
but relatable, these stories are based on use cases. They should portray a state of mind that
is anything but calm, prepared and energized.

The Uber twist on all of these stories is that they all end well. Why? Because whatever life
throws at you, some things you can rely on. When the user has organised the story in the
correct order, they will be prompted to download the app. You never know when you might
need a ride.















Other scenarios… in reverse of course

– … but I still made the flight
– So I missed the train
– My meeting ran late
– … and my keys
– Misplaced my passport

– Amazingly, I still got the job
– and even forgot my CV
– had baby sick on my dress,
– I broke the heel on my shoe,
– The rain was ridiculous

– Thankfully, I wasn’t really lost
– and I forgot the name of my hotel
– The bus driver couldn’t understand me
– Walked for miles in the wrong direction
– I left my map in the cafe

… but I still got a second date
– she hated her food…
– I spilled red wine,
– then nervously talked too much
– I called her the wrong name,


Role: Concept, Design