It has been a while since I designed the Denim logo for Hudson’s Bay, but this month the stores are open. First one is Amsterdam. I didn’t hear from them since I worked there, so I wasn’t sure that they used my design for these huge warehouses.

Last week I went and took a look inside the stores. And there it was, my logo! Big and in the middle of the jeans section (woman and men’s floor) with some glass jars that also had my logo on them. I was proud 🙂

Besides the logo I pitched the idea to create a menu for the different jean fittings. Because there are a lot of different jeans, with this menu you can see what Hudson’s Bay Denim Atelier has to offer and it is easier for the customer to find there perfect jeans.

Denim Menu

Underneath you can find the result in the stores;

Role: Concept, Design